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Collective World Careers is a newsletter for writers and other creators featuring interviews, resources, and actionable advice. Our goal is to provide valuable insights to those just getting started or hoping to take the next step in their professional journey.

"I wish I knew that careers are long and you have time to build yours into what you want."
“Listen to the people that speak to the audience every day. They know what makes them click and can help guide you to getting the most impact.”
'Put your work into this world, and do not question it, because if it has come from an honest place, it doesn’t need to be questioned.'
'While it’s easy to get down on yourself about rejection, I hope you also congratulate yourself for having the courage to put yourself (and your work…
'Write what you know. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.'
Although this writing style can be interesting to keep up with and satisfying to complete, it can feel a bit dense and monotonous as well.
'Take risks and be your unique self, because the same thing that makes you stand out is what people will notice and appreciate about you.'
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