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This past year, I have found and made new friends, some as close as being like a blood sibling, but others have shown me that I no longer need their friendships. It is true that when someone in your life leaves, you are met with new friendships. Being soft-hearted has its setbacks at times. After giving a friend a second and a third chance to be that dear, caring friend they should be and they cannot prove it after a third time, it's time to let them go. Part of me wants to continue the friendship but I know in my heart it isn't meant to be. I cannot hang on to toxicity in a friendship. It's not healthy for me and it will prevent me from moving ahead in my life in the new years to come. I won't reach my goals hanging onto to toxic friendships. I must let them go so that I can move with the flow of forward energy, bringing to me my peace and prosperity.

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